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Sioux Falls Premier Welsh Corgi Breeder
Sioux Falls Premier Welsh Corgi Breeder

Nigel's New Home

Here is Nigel with his new family, Tim and Adam.  They live in Milwaukee, WI.

nigel, tim and adam 7-24-10 (2).jpg

This is Nigel, a red-headed tri-color male puppy. 

Nigel Head by X-Pen 7-18-10.jpg 


Nigel Rolling in Grass 7-18-10.jpg


Nigel and Mom Playing

Annie and Nigel Playing (2).jpg

Puppies from the past...

ben 2-25-09 3.jpg                       stevie 2-25-09 3.jpg

                 Ben                                                           Stevie, lives in Illinois 


porter 2-25-09 3.jpg

Porter, lives in Connecticut 

Porter, Ben and Stevie 2-28-09.jpg

Puppies spend a lot of time taking life easy


11 5 weeks 1 - topper (3).jpg           kix 11 weeks (2).jpg

Shatner, lives in New Jersey                       Kix, lives in Pennsylvania

de 6 9 weeks (2).jpg          cole 11 weeks (2).jpg

Dee, lives in Minneapolis                            Radar, lives in Rhode Island